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  • The Value Problem in the Social Sciences, Aarhus (1969), Politcal Science Masters Thesis (in Danish).


  • An Asset Market Model of Exchange Rate Determination: Capital Market - Exchange Rate Interactions, Stony Brook (1979), Ph.D. thesis.


  • Economic Notes No. 6, Decentralisation and Municipal Finances in Nicaragua, Central America Department and the Caribbean Region, The World Bank, May 1997.    


  • “The Dynamics of Poverty,” in Verden i Forandring (”Changing World”), Odense Universitetsforlag, November 2000


  • Carl Bro Working Paper, “Arrested Industrial Developments in Burkina Faso,”  April 2004.


  • “Keynes Seen through the Eyes of the Classics,” Paper presented at the conference ’John Maynard Keynes, 125 years - what have we learned?’ Copenhagen/Roskilde April 23-24, 2008


  • “World Money: From the Eurodollar to the Sinodollar,” RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY, Volume 26: PART II: CRISIS EMPIRICALLY AND THEORETICALLY UNDERSTOOD, Paul Zarembka, Editor. Nov. 2010, Emerald Group, Bingley, United Kingdom.


  • “Risk and Modern Finance Theory: A Non-mathematical Analysis of Mathematical Models”, Paper presented at the Association of Heterodox Economics Conference in 2011 and at the Conference of Danish Economics Association in January 2012. URL:


  • Essays in Danish newspapers Politiken and Information on various capital market, project finance and development issues

  • "Financialization of Ground Rent: A New Version of ’Unequal Exchange’". Paper presented at the AHE 16th Annual Conference, Greenwich University, July 2014.


  • External Examiner at Roskilde University Centre in International Development Studies.


  • Editor of Det Ny Clarté (journal)



  • Comments in the newspaper Arbejderen ( on economic issues every 5 weeks.


Publications and current activities

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