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May 2005 - :


Independent consultant


The Gambia, March - June 2016

Position: Consultant to the EUEI PDF Project Manager

Scoping mission to The Gambia

Mission to the Gambia to review the Feed in Tariff (FiT) model developed by a previous consultancy, which the Ministry of Energy wanted to update to reflect new developments in the renewable energy market. Analysed information on stakeholders, recent energy developments, financing options for the sector, capacities and country needs. Output: mission report with findings and detailed terms of reference for follow-up project to define the FiT model.

Donor: EUEI PDF (European Union Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility)


Côte d'Ivoire, November 2015 - February 2016

Position: Consultant to the EUEI PDF Project Manager

Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), Scoping Mission to Côte d'Ivoire

Study of the potential for RE projects that could form the basis for establishing a RECP cooperation framework with a relevant authority in Cote d’Ivoire. Mission to the country undertaken in order to provide a comprehensive stakeholder landscape (governmental, private sector, financial sector, donors) and an overview of their mandates and capacities within the energy sector; and to document information on markets, potentials, current private sector activities and constraints for renewable energy initiatives   with a view to inclusion in RECP. Report with documentation and analysis delivered.



Madagascar, July 2014 - July 2015

Position: Team Leader/Institutional Expert

Assistance for the Development of an Energy Policy and Strategy for Madagascar

Overall objective was to assist in the development of a national energy policy and strategy, which would enable Madagascar to access                 international public and private financial support to the development of its energy sector. Team Leader in the first mission to Madagascar in July 2014 formulating a report and terms of reference for the following phases. Was institutional expert to the three missions conducted in 2015 to model the future energy mix as per the goals for access to modern energy and conclude the policy after securing stakeholder appropriation.The policy was subsequently adopted by the Government.



Denmark, 2014 - 2016

Position: Trainer

Public Sector Leadership – taking charge of public sector reforms

A series of three-week courses for around 20 participants from Danida partnership countries held in Denmark under the Danida Fellowship Centre umbrella, teaching  public-private partnerships and financing for development, including innovative finance.

(Consultant: Ramboll) 

Donor: Danida


Mali, April - June 2014

Position: Financial and Economic Analyst

Danish-Swedish Support to PROSEA

The project consisted of feasibility and design studies in view of improving the water supply in four cities in Mali. Expert conducted the financial and economic analyses based on socio-economist’s studies of the four cities: Kati, Kayes, Koutiala and Sikasso.

(Consultant: Ramboll)

Donor: Danida


Denmark, January 2014 - May 2014

Position: Energy Expert for Denmark

Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy (RISE)

Seventeen countries were selected to test the global indicators on renewable energy and energy efficiency developed by the World Bank/IFC with a view to establishing a baseline for  progress of the SE4ALL initiative. The consultant conducted interviews and gathered information on the legal and financial   framework as well as the progress of implementation of sustainable energy in Denmark.

Donor: World Bank

Belize, May – September 2013

Position: Energy Expert

Scoping Mission for the Belizean Energy Sector

The mission analysed the policy and legislative framework for the Belizean energy sector, the needs for institutional support for the Ministry of Energy plus the scope for a national assessment of renewable energy options in view of the preparation of terms of reference for a technical assistance support to the Ministry of Energy. Report and terms of reference produced.

Donor: EU Energy Initiative – Partnership Dialogue Facility


DR Congo, January – May 2013

Position: Team Leader

Scoping Mission for the Provision of Technical Assistance to the Creation of a National Agency for Rural Energy Services in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Scoping Mission involved fact finding and sector analysis, working closely with the Ministry responsible for Energy in view of further institutional support to the creation of a rural energy services agency. The Mission performed an overall assessment of the energy sector, rural electrification projects, the legal framework and a stakeholder mapping. On the basis of a document review and interviews with stakeholders as well as presentations of findings, the Scoping Mission concluded that the interest in rural energy services was sufficiently strong to justify further support from EUEI PDF. Terms of reference for a working group, a technical assistance support programme in addition to a main report were produced.

Donor: EU Energy Initiative – Partnership Dialogue Facility


Denmark, November 2012 – end 2014

Position: Trainer

Financial Management and Good Governance in the Public Sector

Four training sessions of three weeks each conducted of a team of experts/trainers with 20 participants in each session from Danida’s principal recipient countries. KHP instructed in the following themes: planning and budget preparation, budget execution concepts and the evaluation methodologies of PEFA (Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability), PER (Public Expenditure Revies) and PETS (Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys). Two more sessions programmed for 2014.

Donor : Danida Fellowship Programme. Consultant : Rambøll


Guinea, January – October 2012

Position: Public Policy and Administration Expert

Diagnostic Study of Transport in the Republic of Guinea and Preparation of a Policy Document and Sectoral Strategy

Two-expert, two-mission study to diagnose the Guinea transport sector, investment shortfalls in the recent past as per the 2002 National Transport Plan, updating it and defining a strategic policy approach for a five-year period. The study covered ports, railroads, roads and airports plus transportation organisation and structures. As expert in charge of financial resource assessment and mobilisation, not least in provenance of the mining sector, which faced major investments and associated infrastructure needs, as well as donor contribution and government financing.

Donor: EU Delegation. Consultant: Typsa


Benin, January - July 2011

Position: Team Leader and Finance Expert

Organisational Audit of CePEPE (Centre of Promotion and Support to SMEs) - Part of a water and sewerage sector programme

Study in two phases of CePEPE’s organisation based on the three main aspects: its institutional set-up, financial and other administrative procedures and the services it delivers. The first phase led to an audit report with a thorough review of the organisation and its achievements as well as its modes of operations, concluding in the main lines of development. The second resulted in a full report with the audit as well as a development plan. Analysed the financial situation of CePEPE and of its financial management system and ratios.

Donor: Netherlands. Consultant: Ramboll


Senegal, September 2010 – January 2011

Position: Financial Analyst

Feasibility of the African Guarantee Fund

Participation in a study carried out in seven countries (Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon). The expert was in charge of the study of the financial system in Senegal (the banking system, micro-finance institutions, non-bank financial institutions, regulatory system, capital market, guarantee funds and institutions supporting small and medium-size enterprises). The goal was to assess the demands and needs for guarantees in favour of SMEs relative to the existing options. The expert conducted interviews following questionnaire formats for each type of institution or structured interviews where no such guide was prepared in order to present a report compatible with the studies in the other six countries.

Donor: AfDB/Danida. Consultant: Development Associates


Niger, September 2010

Position: Public Finance Expert

Annual Review 2010 of the Rural Sector Support Programme (PASR) to Niger

Annual review of PASR aiming at supporting the national structures and the development of the private sector in order to strengthen the Rural Development Strategy. The expert was in  charge of analysing the progress of the reforms of the public finances and the insertion of the programme in the national systems and structures in order to assess the assumptions as per the realisation of the institutional and financial set-up of the programme. The two-week mission to Niger included visits to the two regions participating in PASR, Diffa and Zinder. The mission aide-memoire concluded on the pertinence and maturity of the public finance management systems in the light of the programme approach through review of the experiences, notably the difficulties of making the programme compatible with the existing systems.

Donor: Danida. Consultant Niras


Benin, September 2009 – April 2010

Position: Team Leader

Procurement Capacity Assessment and Procurement Capacity Development Strategy for the Government of Benin

Using OECD methodology as a basis for a questionnaire survey carried out by a team of eight,  assessing the procurement system in the context of the overall government financial management and ongoing reforms in order to conclude on the available capacities and needs for development fine-tuned in a second mission to determine a capacity development programme. The recommendations included long-term systemic and short-term measures.

Donor: UNDP


Madagascar, January – November 2009

Position: Institutional Expert                                                                                                 

Evaluation of the Institutional Capacity of the Road Authority of Madagascar (ARM)

Part of two-mission consultancy to carefully review all aspects of the ARM, its external and internal relations, statutes, outputs and performance and determine the development potential into a well-functioning organisation to carry out the government’s road construction and maintenance programme. Also assessed financial needs of the organisation and interface with public financial management.

Donor: EU Delegation. Consultant: Typsa


Burkina Faso, November 2008 – August 2009

Position: Public Finance Expert

Evaluation of the Institutional Support within the 9th EDF and Diagnostic for the Institutional Support within the 10th EDF (Transport Sector).

Three areas: a) evaluation of the support to the transport sector institutions in the 9th EDF, b) review (diagnostic) of sector institutions, c) institutional support proposals for the 10th EDF. In charge of public finance management issues (sector budget support).

Donor: EU Delegation. Consultant: IBF


Togo, May – July 2008

Position: Public Finance Expert

Participation in PEMFAR (Public Expenditure Management and Financial Accountability) mission fielded by the World Bank, France and the EU

2-week mission to Togo. The expert was in charge of reporting on recent reforms in the management of the expenditure circuit and in the control of public enterprises.

Donor: EU Delegation (Lot 11). Consultant: ACE


Madagascar, November 2007 – July 2008

Position: Macroeconomist and Public Finance Expert

Identification Mission for a Sector Policy Support Programme for Road Maintenance in the 10th EDF

Part of a two-consultant team identifying the options to replace the project approach with sector budget support to road maintenance. Studied the macroeconomic conditions, budget execution mechanisms, institutional setting and financial management and procurement procedures and practices of the government expenditure circuit and the Road Maintenance Fund with a view to proposing actions and criteria, a time schedule, support and disbursement modalities for sector budget support directly to the Fund.

Donor: EU/EDF. Consultant: Typsa


China, August 2007 – February 2008

Position: Team Leader

Preparatory Study for Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme

Headed a team of three consultants in a three-week mission to China, studying the institutional support framework and advances within renewable energy in China in order to prepare a Danish-Chinese cooperation programme concluding in a preparatory report.

Donor: Danida. Consultant: Radi-Consult


Ukraine, February – June 2007

Position: Economist and Financial Analyst

Vinnytsia District Heating Loan Feasibility Study

Feasibility study of a loan to support the rehabilitation and modernisation of the City of Vinnytsia’s district heating system. Responsible for financial modelling and socio-economic data input.

Donor: EBRD/Sida. Consultant: Grontmij Sweden (formerly Carl Bro AB)


Burkina Faso, October 2006 – June 2007

Position: Economist and Financial Analyst

Water Supply to Ouahigouya

Analysis of proposed water supply project (dam, water treatment plant and pipeline to Ouahigouya) in view of mixed credit support. As proposed, the project was not found to be viable because of high costs as per customer base and inadequate presentation of alternative lower-cost and more feasible solutions.

Donor: Danida. Consultant: Ramboll


Madagascar, January – July 2006

Position: Economic and Financial Expert

Study of Management Options for JIRAMA

Developed spreadsheet financial model with projections for the different electricity systems as a management tool and to help in the selection of the appropriate management/ownership structure for JIRIMA, the national electricity and water company.

Donor: World Bank/AFD. Consultant: Sofreco


Burkina Faso, September – November 2005

Position: Economist

Review of the National Electrification Fund

Part of a three-person team conducting a review of the Fund established by means of Danish and Burkina Faso government funding to promote and help co-fund rural electrification initiatives in Burkina Faso, particularly through the cooperative model. The review analysed the progress to date, institutional capacity and the constraints surrounding rural electrification. As economist analysed the impact of the fiscal regimes on tariffs, the affordability and development of tariffs and assisted in recommendations to improve preparatory project work and project execution.

Donor: Danida. Consultant: Nykombenergica


Cameroon, May - June 2005

Position: Public Finance Expert

Public Expenditure Review

Part of World Bank team to analyse public expenditure management and implementation in Cameroon in view not only of the system but of the results that it delivered and how to improve them. Cameroon was at a crossroads in terms of reaching the HIPC completion point. The consultant analysed budget preparation and execution as per reforms and the remaining system problems with a view to establishing an action plan for further improvement. Also analysed the financial indicators such as the past arrears and internal and external arrears.

Donor: The World Bank. Consultant: Carl Bro


Uganda, March 2005 – March 2010

Position: Team Leader

Technical Assistance to the Rural Electrification Agency (REA)

Five-year programme in two phases to assist in the building-up of REA in Uganda. REA was set up as a secretariat to the Rural Electrification Board managing the Rural Electrification Fund. The programme assisted in staffing REA and building its administrative and management capacity, in setting up guidelines for access to the REF, among others subsidy guidelines, in project analysis and in helping community and private projects to obtain funds for electrification. In the second phase the project particularly assisted in setting up electricity cooperatives and in funds mobilisation.

The Team Leader post involved 11 months of work in the first two years (first phase) and about 5 months in the second phase.Donor: Sida. Consultant: Carl Bro/Grontmij      



1993 - 2005:

Carl Bro a/s, Denmark

Chief Consultant


Nepal, September 2004 - March, 2005

Position: Team Leader

Identification and Preparation of ‘Support for Administrative Reforms in Revenue Administration, Nepal - Phase IV/III’

Danida and GTZ had since 1997 supported revenue administration and VAT and income tax reforms in Nepal. This support was about to enter a new phase. The mission determined the conditions and contents of a new phase for Danida and GTZ to finalise the income tax IT system and give institutional support to the Customs Department, the Excise Division, the Large Taxpayer Office, the Revenue Administration Training Centre and the Revenue Tribunal, and include awareness and citizens campaigns.

Donor: Danida


Indonesia, August - November 2004

Position: Public Finance Expert

Government Financial Flow Analysis for the East Java Strategic Infrastructure Development and Reform Programme (SIDRP)

As part of the preparation for the East Java SIDRP, the World Bank wanted to conduct an analysis of the fiscal situation of the East Java province. The consultant gathered information on the province’s and the local governments’ available and foreseeable resources through transfers and revenue sharing with other levels of government as well as own revenue in order to estimate the province’s capacity to contribute to the financing and repayments for the eventual loans or bonds to fund the investments now under preparation.

Donor: World Bank/Danish Trust Fund


Uganda, February 2004 - end 2005

Position: Team Leader

Supervision of Implementation of the Training Programme for Government Planning & Budgeting and the Capacity Building Programme under Parliament

This was a long-term supervision project consisting of assisting the government in the management, monitoring and evaluation of a training programme in planning and budgeting in the Ministry of Finance and line ministries and a broader-range capacity building programme for Parliament. Training management charters and a procurement strategy were among the first tasks. The team leader paid four visits to Uganda, notably to help in procurement of training and capacity building providers and overall programme management and organised a study tour to Denmark for parliamentarians.

Donor: Nordic Development Fund


Benin, January - July 2004

Position: Team Leader

Appraisal of Budget Support 

Appraisal mission undertaken in January 2004 together with a macro-economist to assess the proposal for a three-year Danish budget aid programme in support of the poverty reduction strategy. The activities consisted in reviewing a programme document and formulating an appraisal report as well as identifying indicators and assistance to ancillary activities (Observatory of Social Change, control organs of the government’s financial management).

Donor: Danida


Benin, June - December 2003

Position: Public Finance Expert

Water Sector Support Programme II

Analysis of finance procedures and fiscal decentralisation measures undertaken in Benin with a view to advising Danida on the utilisation of budget support mechanisms: sectoral budget support and municipal budget support within the broad area of water and sanitation. Analysis of budget management reforms and implementation as well as the reliability and flexibility of the mechanisms as part of the next Water Sector Support Programme (II).

Donor: Danida


Ghana, January – February 2003

Position: Macroeconomist

Danida Energy Sector Completion Review

As part of the Energy sector completion review prepared an overview of the macroeconomic and financial role of the energy sector, notably of the impact of the debt of the energy sector on the overall economic situation in Ghana.

Donor: Danida


Comoros, December 2002 - December 2003

Position: Public Finance Expert

Public Expenditure Review

Two visits resulted in to two analytical reports. The first mission, jointly with World Bank and IMF missions, was to assist with background analysis of the budget and financial management system in view of the impending decentralisation in the country (creation of a government structure consisting of a Union government and governments of three autonomous islands). The review included the expenditure management and implementation system as well as the institutional structure (Budget Department and Treasury first of all). The second mission reviewed with the authorities their compliance with WB criteria for the HIPC initiative in terms of budget & financial management and control mechanisms.

Donor: The World Bank/Danish Trust Fund


Burkina Faso, November 2002 - January 2004

Position: Team Leader

Tariff study for Sonabel

A tariff study carried out in close collaboration with the electricity company of Burkina Faso, Sonabel, to propose a tariff system based on the investment programme for the period 2002-2012. The study included a revised demand forecast, an analysis of the customer base and the financial situation of SONABEL as well as the prevailing tariff system and the rates. The work comprised overall economic modelling, organisation of data, financial forecasts and analysis.

Donor: Danida


Ghana, August 2002 - April 2003

Position: Macro-economist

Negotiation Assistance for the West African Gas Pipeline

Member of a team of experts with task to assist Ghana in the analysis of the economic and financial implications of the proposed contracts and agreements for the West African Gas Pipeline linking the Nigerian oil and gas fields with Ghana. Advice given to the Energy Commission.

Donor: Danida


Uganda, March 2002 - March 2003

Position: Public Finance Specialist and Team Leader

MoFPED Training Programme

Setting up a training programme for the Budget and Economic Affairs Directorates in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in Uganda after questionnaire surveys of training needs. Particular assignment to ensure that the training programme was targeted to ongoing public finance reforms.

Donor: Nordic Development Fund


Paraguay, February - April 2002

Position: Economist

Development of Rural Finance in Paraguay

Specific assignment was to draw up a profile of the typical agricultural   producer, from macro over sectoral to micro issues. Also participating in team effort to identify the appropriate finance instruments for the small and medium-scale producers in view of their improved access to capital.

Donor: Inter-American Development Bank


Ghana, November 2001 - April 2002

Position: Team Member, Macroeconomist

Study and Analysis Support to the Valco Negotiations

Support to the Ghana Negotiating Team in the contract renewal negotiations with Valco (aluminium smelting company) on the determination of the price and other conditions under which it received electricity supply. Particular assignment to analyse Valco’s contribution to the Ghanaian economy.

Donor: Danida


Bhutan, October - November 2001

Position: Economist

Joint Technical Review of the Environmental Sector Support Programme

Reviewing the sustainability of Danida’s programme in view of the gradual phasing out of Danish assistance.

Donor: Danida


Malaysia, June - November 2001

Position: Team Leader

Assessment of Ongoing Activities and Development of a Strategy for future Danced Support in the Energy Sector in Malaysia

Preparation of a strategy and project documents and project ideas for Danced energy activities in Malaysia in the period 2002-06.

Donor: Danced


Guinea, May - July 2001 (1) and November 2001 - August 2002 (2)

Position: Team Leader

Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Study to determine the feasibility of the setting up and funding of a guarantee scheme within the banking sector for microcredit institutions to give loans to SMEs. Phase 2 involved the actual proposals for statutes, regulations and operations of the fund, identifying support mechanisms and a funding strategy. Presented a Technical Offer at a Round Table on the Private Sector in Conakry in May.

Donor: UNOPS


Burkina Faso, March 2001 - September 2002

Position: Team Leader

Technical Assistance to the Directorate General of Energy in View of Accelerating the Reform Process in the Energy Sector

Two components: a) assistance in the setting up of a matrix of measures for the government to fulfil its policy of privatisation of the electricity company and of opening the capital of the hydrocarbons import and transport company to private enterprise, b) study of experiences of privatisation of electricity companies in West African and selected countries of Latin America and derivation of a suitable model for Burkina Faso. The West African countries studied were: Mali, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea. Local consultants in these countries prepared reports for discussions on lessons learnt. Visits to the four countries by Burkina delegation in June 2002. Two workshops held.

Donor: Danida


Latvia, February - May 2001

Position: Financial Analyst

Development of Water Services in Three River Basins

Part of a team appraising 19 proposed projects for ISPA funding on behalf of the Latvian government. With colleague in charge of economic and financial analysis of 5 towns in Northern Latvia (Gauja Basin) in view of the population’s and municipalities’ capacity to pay. Projects subsequently obtained ISPA funding.

Donor: Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvia


Ghana, February - May 2001

Position: Economist

Review of the Danish Support to Renewable Energy Resources, Traditional Energy Resources and Preparation of a Strategic National Energy Plan for Ghana

Review of three projects and of the ongoing sector policies in view of determining the future energy sector programme to be supported by Danida. Undertook energy sector overview, including macro-economic linkages.

Donor: Danida


Burkina Faso, January – May 2001

Position: Team Leader

First Annual Energy Sector Review

Review of Danida’s ongoing energy sector programme in Burkina, comprising support to energy policy formulation and sector restructuring, SONABEL, the electricity company (investments and institutional support), institutional support to the Directorate General of Energy, development and management of traditional energy resources and rural electrification. Apart from overall editing of report, particularly in charge of overall sector policy issues and financial analysis of SONABEL.

Donor: Danida


Mali, July - August 2000

Position: Macroeconomist

Strengthening of the Macroeconomic Framework for Poverty Reduction

3-week assignment to analyse the macroeconomic framework in view of the national strategy for poverty reduction, involving examination of the appropriateness of the framework and its responsiveness to economic developments and of the poverty reduction measures foreseen as per their effectiveness. Analysis of the competitive sectors of the economy, of the mobilisation of resources from the point of view of raising tax revenue and financing investments, of micro-finance and the banking sector, and of the social sectors.



Bolivia, March 2000

Position: Financial Specialist

Environment Sector Support Programme

Assignment to study the modalities of an Environmental Fund as part of the Industry and Mining Components of the Environmental Sector Support Programme in view of a contribution to the Andean Region Revolving Loan Fund for Cleaner Production.

Donor: Danida


Denmark/Francophone West Africa, October 1999 - February 2000

Position: Team Leader

West African Budgeting and Expenditure Management Systems

Desk work and reporting based on experiences in Francophone West Africa on expenditure management and budgeting in order to systematise and explain the particularities of these systems.

Donor: Danida


Ghana, September 1999 - February 2000

Position: Team Leader

Energy Sector Programme Support Formulation Mission

Mission to Ghana and follow-up work to draft the Feasibility Report and Sector Programme Support Document for the Danish energy sector support to Ghana. Mission to Ghana and reporting/proposals involved review of the ongoing sector reforms, new developments in the gas sector, energy conservation and efficiency measures, transmission and distribution company technical and institutional support, and rural electrification, in addition to finalising the Project Document for support to the Strategic National Energy Plan.

Donor: Danida


Benin, May - July 1999

Position: Senior Expert

Budget Support

Review of the feasibility of giving a second budget or balance of payments support operation to Benin in view of the arrears situation of the public finance system and of the status of expenditure management reforms.

Donor: Danida


Ghana, March - July 1999

Position: Economist

Preparatory Mission for the Elaboration of a National Energy Plan for Ghana

Preparation of a project to support the Energy Commission of Ghana to establish a National Energy Plan, at the same time undertaking the identification for the Sector Programme Support Document for the energy sector in Ghana.

Donor: Danida


Burkina Faso, 1999 - 2001

Position: Task Manager Economic Analysis

Integrated Water Resources Management Project (GIRE)

The project was an institutional support project, which aimed at building the capacity of the Ministry of Water and Environment in relation to integrated water resources management. The project was centred around four main components: water resources management tools; human, organisational and institutional resources; legislation; and economic and financial framework. A preliminary action plan for integrated water resources management in Burkina Faso was delivered. Own assignment consisted in intermittent visits to Burkina Faso to contribute to the development of economic assessments of the water sector as related to the development, management and protection of water resources. Particularly involved in the assessment of the feasibility of a water tax.

Donor: Danida


Burkina Faso, November 1998 - January 1999

Position: Economist

Energy Sector Review

Mission and report reviewing ongoing Danida activities in the energy sector of Burkina Faso, including participation in the preparation of a full-scale sector programme (energy is one of the three sectors of Danida involvement in Burkina Faso). Reviewed the finances of the electricity company, SONABEL.

Donor: Danida


Burkina Faso, September - December 1998

Position: Team Leader

Balance of Payments Support

Mission and report assessing the need for a second balance-of-payments grant to Burkina Faso in view of its eligibility for the HIPC (heavily indebted poor countries) initiative and its efforts to comply with the demands for notably social sector investments in a difficult revenue situation.

Donor: Danida


South Africa, October 1997 - August 1998

Position: Team Leader

Evaluation of the Danish Transitional Assistance to South Africa

The Danish Transitional Assistance to South Africa involved democratisation, human rights and violence prevention; land reform and rural development; education; black-owned small and medium-sized business development. The project evaluated the fulfilment of the strategic objectives, relevance, efficiency of implementation, effectiveness and lessons learned in view of continued support.

Donor: Danida


Costa Rica and Guatemala, 1997 - 1999

Position: Team Leader

Central America Low-income Housing Demand Study

Surveys in Costa Rica and Guatemala on low-income housing demand as a basis for the IDB funding of housing projects. Formulation of questionnaires which were used in 2000 surveys carried out by local teams in each country and evaluation of results.

Donor: IDB/Danida


Vietnam, 1997 - 1999

Position: Task Manager Financial Analysis

Rural Electrification Master Plan

Study to determine the investments, costs and tariff implications of an extensive rural electrification programme in Vietnam and its financial interface with other electric sector investments. In charge of the task of institutional and financial issues, calculating long-run marginal costs of the overall investment programme as well as the rural electrification programme to determine the latter’s feasibility as per the ability and willingness to pay by the rural as well as general population. Financial and tariff implications were also calculated.  This helped determine the feasibility of the proposed investments and the scale of the investments and their realistic timing for inclusion in the final master plan.

Donor: The World Bank


Nicaragua,1997 - 1998

Position: Economist and Project Director

Institutional Strengthening of INIFOM (Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development)

Part of a larger team to assist in the restructuring of INIFOM in view of its mission in municipal development.

Donor: Danida


Burkina Faso, May - October 1997

Position: Team Leader

Evaluation of the balance of payments support to Burkina Faso.

Evaluation of previous balance of payments support programme to Burkina Faso in view of additional support.

Donor: Danida


Benin, March - April 1997

Position: Team Leader

Evaluation of the balance of payments support to Benin

Evaluation of previous balance of payments support programme to Benin in view of additional support.

Donor: Danida


Bulgaria, January - July 1997

Position: Public expenditures

Reform and Development of Public Finance

Two missions to Bulgaria to review public finance management in a very difficult financial situation for the country.

Donor: EU Phare Programme


Nicaragua, January 1997

Position: Economist

Review of Municipal Strengthening in Region I

Third annual review of the programme which aimed at capacity development in the municipalities, transfer of funds, infrastructure development, inter-municipal cooperation and strengthening of the regional office of INIFOM.

Donor: Danida


Zimbabwe, November 1996 - April 1997

Position: Team Leader

Evaluation of the ZimTrade Support Programme (ZSP)

6-week assignment in Zimbabwe evaluating the four-year programme in support of ZimTrade in view of future EU involvement in trade development in Zimbabwe.  

Donor: EDF


Nicaragua, August – September 1996

Position: Public Sector Specialist

Public Investment Review

5-week assignment participating in World Bank mission to Nicaragua to perform a review of public investment programming, budgeting and execution. Specific assignment: decentralization and municipal finances.

Donor: Danida/World Bank


Fiji/Pacific, April - June 1996

Position: Team Leader

Mid Term Review of the Lomé III Pacific Regional Energy Programme

The programme was based in the Forum Secretariat, Suva Fiji. The two-member mission reviewed the progress made by the Regional Energy Programme in the setting-up and carrying-out of training programmes and institutional support to the members of the Forum.

Donor: EDF


Malawi, February - March 1996

Position: Team Leader

Infrastructure Strategy

Mission to Malawi to edit a discussion paper on infrastructure issues in Malawi, then just selected as principal beneficiary country of Danida assistance, covering energy, transport and telecommunications to be used in the negotiations between Danida and Malawi.

Donor: Danida


Bolivia, December 1995 - January 1996

Position: Project Economist/Financial Analyst

Dairy Development Programme in the Altiplano

Economist in a pre-appraisal mission for the above project that was previously supported by a Danish NGO. The proposal to Danida included a credit programme for improved production techniques, capacity development, technical assistance and organisational development.

Donor: Danida


Suriname,1995 - 1997

Position: Team Leader

Suriname Sysmin Project

Team Leader for a study of eligibility and financial, technical and economic feasibility of projects proposed for the SYSMIN funding facility under the EC Lomé Convention. Analysis of proposals prepared by parastatals in the energy and telecommunications sectors: conversion of engines from diesel fuel to heavy oil-based generation, electricity distribution, oil pipeline and telecommunications projects. Change of project scope introduced so that final financing proposal could only be prepared in August 1997.

Donor: Sysmin Facility, European Commission


Niger, July - November 1995

Position: Public Expenditure Expert

Public Expenditure Expertise in Niger

High-level expert in public expenditures as part of an EU programme supporting the Niger effort to improve public financial management. The project consisted of a 2-month assignment to assist a Working Group on Public Expenditures in making recommendations, based on an analysis of the public expenses of the last five years, on (a) the chain of expenses and the mechanisms of incurring arrears, (b) bringing the structure of expenditures into line with government priorities, and (c) identifying the means to contain overall expenses and utilising resources optimally. The final report comprised an analysis of the procedures from budget preparation (both recurrent and development) through commitment of expenditures and final payment, pointing out the mechanisms for inconsistencies and aberrations by arrears creation, concluding in an attempt at consolidating the budget exercise for 1994 by comparing commitments and payments.

Donor: EDF


Washington, DC, March - June 1995

Position: Public Sector Expert

Public Sector Management

Part of team performing a desk review of public sector management in seven Central Western African countries: Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana, assigned to work on Benin. Review concentrated on: the capacity of the government to design, formulate and implement policies and discharge functions, through a review of public financial management including expenditure and revenue review, civil service issues, public enterprises, and legal reform to judge on transparency, accountability as well as efficiency.

Donor: The World Bank


Tanzania, 1995

Position: Team Leader

Infrastructure Strategy

Mission to Tanzania and editing a discussion paper on infrastructure issues in Tanzania,  covering energy, transport and telecommunications that was used in the negotiations between Danida and Tanzania when choosing sector concentration.

Donor: Danida


Kazakhstan, 1994 - 1995

Position: Project Director.

Banking Advisory Services for Commercial Banks

Particularly involved in the start-up of project to assist in the restructuring, modernisation and upgrading of banking operations by establishing a self-financing consultant service., managing a team of seven external advisers.



Armenia, 1994

Position: Alternate Team Leader.

Financial System and Planning in the Armenian Power Subsector

Assigned to prepare a financing plan for the Armenian power sub-sector with financial analyst.

Donor: EBRD


Denmark and Washington DC, 1994

Position: Consultant

Co‑financing Options with the Multilateral Organisations and Administrative Guidelines for Implementation in Danida.

Review of the co-financing framework (trust funds and lending co‑financing) with the World Bank and regional development banks in view of implementation efficiency, including an enhanced role of the Danish private sector, and recommending future administrative guidelines and procedures.

Donor: Danida


Central Asia, 1994 - 1995

Position: Project Director

Technical Assistance for Privatisation in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Co-ordination of three teams of technical, legal and privatisation experts to assist, over an 18-month period, in the privatisation of selected medium-sized enterprises in viable key sectors. The project involved a review of the legal and institutional setting of privatisation and private enterprise operations.

Donor : EC-TACIS


Lithuania, 1994

Position: Project Economist

Wood Fuel and Conversion Study

Economic and financial study of conversion of district heating boilers to wood fuel energy consumption.

Donor: EBRD


Hungary, 1993 - 1994

Position: Project Director.

The Preparation of a National Strategy for Bank Clearing & Data Security (including the detailed specification of an appropriate integrated security sub-system for Giro RT)

Overall co-ordination of the consulting assistance towards the preparation of a national strategy for bank clearing and data security. The main task was to give back-up to the Team Leader in project management and reporting.



Kazakhstan, 1993

Position: Project Director.

Kazakhstan: Technical Co-operation for SME Sector Development Project Preparation - Auditing, Sector Work and Institution Building. In association with Deloitte & Touche, Denmark, Carl Bro International undertook a review of five preselected banks and their pipeline of loan applications in preparation of an EBRD loan for a credit-line facility for SMEs.

Donor: EBRD


Russia, 1993

Position: Team Leader

Feasibility Study for Hotel and Business Centre in Kaliningrad.

This undertaking involved a profile of the  economy of the Kaliningrad region, including an assessment of the prospects of the Free Economic Zone Yantar and the privatisation process.

Donor: Private


1986 - 1992:

Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC.

Operations Officer and Country Co-ordinator


Assigned first to Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago, since mid-1989 until end-1991 to Trinidad & Tobago with project assignments in Haiti. In January 1992 appointed Country Co-ordinator for Guyana. Three main categories of activity:


  • Preparing loans and technical co-operation operations for approval by the Bank's highest authorities

  • Loan and technical co-operation administration, including procurement questions

  • Country programming


Served as Co-ordinator/Team Leader for the following approved loans:


  • Primary Education Programme (Trinidad & Tobago, 1986): Construction of 35 primary schools and a learning resource centre.

  • Nickerie Hospital (Suriname, 1987): Rehabilitation of the approx. 100-bed hospital in Nickerie.

  • Agricultural Credit Programme (Trinidad & Tobago, 1988): Global credit to the Agricultural Development Bank for  onlending to agriculture and agroprocessing. Technical co-operation component for project evaluation, portfolio review and policy, and technical support.

  • National Settlements Programme (Trinidad & Tobago, 1989): Urbanisation of some 16 housing sites. Credit component for housing construction. Upgrading of squatter areas.

  • Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation (Trinidad & Tobago, 1991): National parks upgrading, coastal protection and land conservation (erosion measures). Community development component.

  • Main Road Rehabilitation Programme (Guyana, 1992): Rehabilitation of Georgetown-Timehri (airport) and the East Coast Road from Georgetown to Rosignol. Institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Public Works.

  • Electric Generation and Transmission (Haiti, 1990-91): Construction of a transmission line from Peligre to Cap Haitien and from Cap Haitien to Gonaïves in addition to medium-speed diesel generation expansion by 20 MW. Management support to Electricité d'Haiti (Appraisal work terminated but project was blocked owing to political situation in Haiti).


Important technical co-operation projects included a feasibility study on improved cogeneration   from sugarcane bagasse in Guyana (1988) and a major study to prepare a health sector loan in Trinidad & Tobago (1991), with three components: National health insurance, assistance to the commissioning of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, and policy studies.


Until mid-1989 activities related to Guyana included management of drainage and irrigation, industrial reactivation (global credit) and university programmes. In 1992 in charge of the release of the first tranche of the Agricultural Sector Loan to Guyana.


1982 - 1985:

Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities, Brazzaville, Congo

Economic Adviser


Responsibilities included:

  • Gathered information and reported on the country's economic situation

  • Analysis and follow-up on important aspects of EC/ACP co-operation

  • Appraisal of projects and programmes, e.g. additional financing to the Chemin de Fer    Congo-Océan (CFCO) realignment

  • Reported on foreign aid to the country

  • Followed-up on operations under the STABEX scheme

  • Assisted the Centre for the Development of Industry in industrial promotion activities

  • Reported on sugar sector conditions to assist Congo in recovering part of its previously lost quota under the Sugar Protocol

  • Assisted the European Investment Bank in preparation of loans to the country

  • Involved in the first stage of programming Lomé III resources.


1979 - 1982:

United Nations Development Programme, Nairobi, Kenya

Junior Professional Officer


Working as a Programme Officer, liaising with the Kenya Government and UN specialised agencies. Principal work areas included energy projects, manpower training and development, and agriculture.



Roskilde University Centre, Denmark

Assistant Professor


Graduate-level teaching in the Social Sciences.  Appointed to Associate Professor before resigning in 1980.


1975 - 1979:

State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

Teaching Assistant


Teaching Labour Economics, Microeconomics and Development Economics.


1972 - 1974:

Roskilde University Centre, Denmark

Assistant Professor


Teaching concentration on the Methodology of the Social Sciences.  Leave of absence to study Economics in the US in the periods 1974-1978 and 1979-1980.


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